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Which Material Is Better for My Bar Countertops?
Thinking about adding a breakfast bar? That's a smart move. It's practical and stylish. Now, what's the best material for your countertops? Should you go for granite or marble? Or maybe quartz and quartzite are better choices? Let's see. Your top options include.

  • Granite. Tough and ready for anything. It stands up to heat and heavy use. Just remember, it needs some care to stay sharp.
  • Marble. Stylish and gorgeous. It adds extra charm and a touch of luxury to your space. However, be ready to seal it regularly to keep its shine. Nothing beats its look.
  • Quartz. Low maintenance and tough. Great if you're all about hassle-free living.
  • Quartzite. Has the toughness of granite and the classy look of marble.

Each has its perks. Think about your kitchen's vibe and how much time you want to spend on upkeep. Go with what fits your lifestyle and taste best. Ready to choose? Let's get your space looking top-notch.
Granite Bar Tops
Considering granite bar countertops? Great choice! Here's why.


  • Tough as Rocks. Scratch and chip resistance? Granite's got it covered. It's made to handle whatever your space scene throws at it.
  • Easy to Maintain. Spills are no headache anymore. All you need to do is wipe it down with some mild soap and water. And it's good as new.
  • Perfectly Flat. This top is great for serving up drinks or prepping snacks. Granite provides a smooth, flat surface that chefs and home bartenders love.
  • Additional Home Value. Like marble, granite elevates your home's style and appeal. It's a natural stone that buyers love.
  • 100% Unique Look. Yes, this is a great choice for all the aesthetic aficionados out there. Each slab of granite countertops boasts unique patterns and colors.


  • High Price. Granite is premium. Thus, you need to pay for it accordingly. However, it's totally worth the investment.
  • Maintenance. To keep it in a great state, you'll need to seal it annually.
  • Professional Installation Is a Must. Granite is not for DIY enthusiasts. No no. It needs expert hands when it comes to installation. No worries, though. We've got the pros to help you with that.

Ready for this upgrade? Let's make your kitchen the heart of the home with a stunning granite top.

Marble Bar Tops

Thinking about marble for your bar? Here's the straight talk.


  • Looks Killer. Nothing beats marble for that upscale vibe. It turns any space area into the highlight of the room.
  • Stays Cool. These countertops are good for mixing drinks or rolling out dough. Marble doesn't heat up easily.
  • Increases the Value of Your Space. Sure, marble is nice to look at. Not only this makes it a great choice. Yes, you've got it right. It's a solid investment that pays off if you ever want to sell your home.
  • Lasts for Decades. Of course, you need to take care of it. However, if you do it the right way, your grandkids might be serving drinks on it one day. Yes, it's really that durable!


  • Stains Easily. Watch out for wine spills. Marble soaks them up quickly.
  • Needs a Thorough Upkeep. You'll need to seal it regularly to keep it looking fresh.
  • Soft Spot. Cutting directly on it? Bad idea. It scratches easier than you'd think.
  • Comes at a Premium Price Tag. It's on the pricier side, but for a good reason.

Bottom line? If you want a show-stopper piece that lasts and you're cool with a bit of upkeep, marble's your match. Ready to class up your space? Let's chat.

Quartzite Bar Tops

Thinking about quartzite for your countertops? Here's the lowdown.


  • Unique Beauty. Every quartzite slab is different. You get natural veins and a mix of colors no one else has.
  • Super Tough. Quartzite stands up to scratches and acid spills. Drop a lemon, drop a pan—it's all good.
  • Heat's No Biggie. Hot pots won't bother it. Quartzite can take the heat without a sweat.
  • Lasts Ages. This material sticks around. You're setting up for decades of style.


  • Pays to Pay. It's on the pricier side. But, you get what you pay for—top quality.
  • Keep Up the Care. It needs sealing now and then to stay spotless. A little effort goes a long way.
  • Pros Needed. Don't try setting this up yourself. Our team has got the skills to make sure it's done right.

Quartzite isn't just any countertop. It's a statement. Ready to make one? Let's talk.

Quartz Bar Tops

Quartz countertops are a great addition to all modern bars. All thanks to their sleek style and standout durability. Here's why they might be the perfect fit for your space.


  • Modern vibes. Quartz brings that crisp, contemporary look that can totally transform any bar area. It fits right in whether your style is boldly rich or subtly chic.
  • Design flexibility. The choices are nearly limitless. You may opt for simple patterns that mimic the clean look of granite. Alternatively, you can go for complex designs that echo the elegance of marble.
  • Many color choices. Quartz gives you dozens of colors to choose from. This makes it easy to match any decor.
  • Stain resistance. Spills? No sweat. Quartz doesn't hold onto stains thanks to its non-porous surface.
  • Low upkeep. Forget about high maintenance. A quick wipe down is often all it needs to keep looking new.
  • Durability. Quartz is a tough stone. It's designed to withstand whatever you're about to throw at your busy bars for years.


  • Prices aren't that cheap. Sure, it's more pocket-friendly than other natural materials. However, it still costs a lot.
  • This stone is not sun-friendly. Keep it indoors. Quartz can fade or yellow if it gets too much sun.
  • Heat Sensitivity: Hot pans straight off the stove? Not a good idea. Quartz can get damaged by high heat.
  • Installation is complicated. It's tricky to install in your space. You'll need to hire experts for this.

Quartz countertops are practical and stylish. Ready to upgrade your space with a surface that ticks all the boxes? Let's make it happen.
Stone Bar Countertops Colors
Don't know what material to choose?

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Ready for a bar that wows? Here's how we do it in Charleston. From consultation to Installation – all in 14 days.

  • Consultation. Kick things off with a free chat. Tell us what you've got in mind. Share all the deets that you want your bar countertop Charleston SC look like. We'll listen and bring our expertise.
  • Measurement. We measure your space to the dot. Precision? It's our middle name.
  • Planning. We plan every detail, keeping your vision central. You say it, we sketch it.
  • Fabrication. We craft your countertop using top-notch materials. Quality? Only the best.
  • Delivery. We deliver fast, fitting into your schedule, not the other way around.
  • Installation. Our pros take over for a flawless finish. We don't stop until you're nodding with approval.

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All work, from measuring to installation, is performed by our specialists. This allows us to offer some of the best prices while maintaining the high quality of our work.
Bar Countertops in All Shapes and Sizes in Charleston
Need a bar countertop that fits just right? You're in the right place. In Charleston, we tailor countertops to any form, any size, any style.

  • Unlimited Shapes. Whatever shape you envision, we bring it to life. Circle for a snug nook on your kitchen bar counter? Consider it done. Long, sleek rectangle for a spacious area? Absolutely. L-shaped for a snug corner? No problem. Got a design that's out of the ordinary? We love a challenge!
  • Custom Sizes. Size is never an issue. Small area or a large entertaining space, we customize to perfectly fit your dimensions.
  • Diverse Styles. From the sleek lines of modern minimalism to the timeless grace of classic elegance or the warm appeal of rustic charm, we match the vibe you want. Quartz offers a palette of colors and patterns—choose from bright whites, deep blacks, and vibrant hues, with finishes that can be smooth, veined, or speckled.
  • Personalized Form. Whether it's softly curved edges for a gentle feel, sharp angles for a contemporary edge, or finely beveled edges for a touch of classic refinement, we handle it all.

In Charleston, your dream custom bar tops are just a few clicks away. Ready to get started? Let's craft a quartz countertop that's truly yours.
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