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Types of Kitchen Backsplashes
Thinking about switching up your kitchen's style? A new backsplash can make a big difference. Here's a quick look at the types you might consider.

  • Stone Slab Backsplash. Think sleek, whole pieces that give off a clean, modern vibe.
  • Natural Stone. This one adds a rustic or classic feel, perfect if you're into a more natural look.
  • Ceramic. These options are great for adding color or fun patterns. They're super versatile.
  • Glass. Go for this type if you'd like to brighten up your kitchen. They reflect light and add a bit of shine.

Of course, each type is different and unique and sets the tone for your kitchen's overall style. Are you updating your space? Or maybe you want to do a full remodel? Pick the right backsplash and create the look you want.
Stone Slab Backsplash
Opting for a stone slab backsplash? You're choosing a seamless style. Here's why it's a solid pick.


  • Sleek Finish. Stone backsplash slabs hoffer a smooth, uninterrupted surface. No grout lines, just pure elegance that stretches across your kitchen.
  • Modern Look.Your contemporary kitchen will get a great upgrade. Imagine these clean lines and minimalistic style. Modern design enthusiasts love it!
  • Durability. These slabs are tough. It means they last for decades. They resist heat, splashes, and spills. It makes them perfect for busy kitchens.
  • Huge Variety of materials. Do you love marble? Or maybe granite? What about quartzite? These backsplashes come in so many styles and materials. Each has unique veins and colors. Pick the one that will be amazing for your space.
  • Increased Value. On top of its functional benefits, these pieces make your home more expensive. It's a luxe upgrade that pays off with years to come.
  • Simple Maintenance. It's easier than you think. A quick wipe down keeps them looking new. No grout means less scrubbing.


While these slab backsplashes bring a lot of benefits, there are a few downsides to keep in mind.

  • Cost. High-quality comes with a higher price tag. These slabs can be a significant investment compared to other materials.
  • Weight. They're heavy. Make sure your walls can support the weight, and consider the need for professional installation.
  • Limited DIY Potential. Due to their weight and the precision required in installation, stone slabs aren't ideal for DIY projects.

Knowing these cons can help you make a well-rounded decision. If the budget and installation aren't deal-breakers, the lasting beauty of stone might still be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Natural Stone Tile: Beauty and Variety

Natural stone tile offers a diverse and appealing choice for kitchen backsplashes, each type bringing its unique charm and character.


  • Diverse Options. From granite's durability and color variety to marble's luxury veining, there's a stone type for every taste. Slate offers robust outdoor compatibility, while soapstone presents appealing neutrals. You'll love travertine's natural gloss.
  • Durability. Most stone tiles will last for long. They stand up well to kitchen use. For example, granite is the way to go, if you need a material with resilience.
  • Aesthetic Appeal. Each material comes in unique colors and patterns. For sure, it adds a sophisticated charm to your space.
  • Resale Value. It will add to your home's appeal and value. This makes it a smart renovation investment.


  • Maintenance Needs. Get ready for regular sealing. This is essential to prevent stains and discoloration, especially for porous materials like travertine and marble.
  • Scratch Vulnerability. Softer materials like soapstone and marble are very vulnerable to scratches. Thus, they require careful use.
  • Heat Sensitivity. Some materials can't stand heat. This can result in damages. Consider this especially if you frequently place hot pots and pans near your backsplash area.
  • Repair Difficulties. If damaged, these tiles are hard to repair. This is due to their natural variations.

Natural material tiles for your kitchen come with both beauty and demands. It's perfect for those ready to invest in maintenance for stunning, long-lasting results.

Ceramic Tiles Backsplash

Ceramic comes with distinct pluses and minuses. Is it worth it? We let you decide.


  • Endless Choices. Loads of colors, shapes, and sizes. Want something unique? Ceramic has a lot of options for you in place.
  • Cost-Effective. No need to pay through the nose with this material. Prices go up from around $1.25 per square foot for the glossy types. It means you can get a great look for less.
  • Easy Upkeep. Spills and splashes? Just wipe them off. Maintenance is a breeze with ceramic.
  • Swap Them Out. If a tile cracks or you want a change, swapping them out is easy.


  • Price Can Jump. If you go for fancy handmade tiles, be ready to pay a premium—up to $100 per square foot.

  • Cracks and Stains. They can crack over time, and grout might catch stains, so keep some spare tiles handy.

Ceramic tile backsplash will wow you with durability and style. They're practical. They look great. They won't bust your budget. Want to give your kitchen a fresh look? Ceramic tiles might just be your best bet. We offer ceramic tile backsplash installation at affordable prices.

Glass Tiles Backsplash

Want to know if a glass tile backsplash installation is a right choice for you? Read these points carefully to make a well-informed decision.


  • Makes Spaces Pop. These tiles reflect light. Got a glossy or iridescent finish? It'll make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter.
  • Super Easy to Clean. Spills? Smudges? No stress. A quick wipe, and they're history.
  • Boosts Your Home's Value. The best part about glass tiles? They are pretty, for sure. Plus, they add up to your home's market price. Isn't that awesome?


  • A Bit Delicate. Crack a tile? You can't just fix it. You'll need to replace it.
  • Hard to Match Later. If you need a replacement, finding the exact same tile can be tough.
  • Echoes. Glass isn't just good at reflecting light; it can make your kitchen sound louder.
  • Needs Strong Walls. They're heavier than you think. Make sure your walls can handle them before you start sticking them up.

At around $9 to $18 per square foot and with experienced installation costing about $72 per hour, glass tiles are an investment in your kitchen's future.
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Our Kitchen Backsplash Installation Services in Charleston
Free measurements
On the look out for capable experts that will upgrade your kitchen with a new backsplash? We'll readily do this for you. Here's how we'll take care of everything. From initial friendly chat to fabrication and installation of your custom backsplash in your home in Charleston.

  • Consultation. First, let's talk. Tell us about your ideas and how you want it to be done. We'll get deep into your vision and needs. Every small detail matters.
  • Measurement. Next, we come to your place to take precise measurements. Accurate numbers are crucial for the perfect fit.
  • Planning. With the details in hand, we'll plan out the entire project. You'll see what your new design will look like before we even start.
  • Fabrication. We then cut and prepare your chosen materials to spec. Whether it's glass, tile, or stone, we ensure every piece is perfect.
  • Delivery. No waiting around—we get everything to your doorstep fast.
  • Installation. Our skilled team takes care of the installation, making sure every tile is perfectly placed and secured. We don't wrap up until everything looks great.

In Charleston, when you need a kitchen backsplash done right and fast, we're the team to call. Let's transform your kitchen in Charleston together.

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Need a new backsplash? Here's why we're your best bet in Charleston:

  • Quick to Respond. Hit us up and we'll get right back to you. We schedule a chat at your convenience.
  • Fast Quotes. No hanging around here. We get you a detailed estimate within a day after we talk.
  • 14-Day Turnaround. From getting your estimate to seeing your new backsplash in place in Charleston — we work hard to get it done in just two weeks.
  • Expert Team. Our folks know their stuff. They handle everything with skill, from picking the right materials to the nitty-gritty of installation.
  • Custom Fits. Your space, your style. We tailor everything to what you need, no cookie-cutter solutions here.

Choose us, and you're choosing a team that's all about getting your kitchen looking sharp, fast.
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