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What Material Is Best for Commercial Countertop?
When picking a countertop for commercial spaces and countertops for business, you've got to think about durability and style. Here’s a quick rundown of some top choices that blend both:

  • Marble. It’s all about luxury. Perfect for high-end settings where style makes a statement.
  • Granite. This material is really tough. This makes it ideal for spots that see a lot of tear and wear. No worries. It'll stand a beating and keep looking good.
  • Quartzite. It is similar to granite - it's also that tough. However, it gets you a different look. Great for areas that need to handle heavy use without wearing down.
  • Quartz. The worry-free option. It doesn’t stain. It doesn’t need much upkeep. And it looks sharp in any setting.

Each of these materials comes with its perks and downsides. As we dive deeper into each option, consider what qualities are most important for your space’s needs and style.
Granite Commercial Countertops
Thinking about granite for your commercial countertops? Here are its pros and downsides.


  • Tough as Rock. Granite is very tough. Thanks to this, it easily resists scratches, heat, and stains. This makes it ideal for busy spaces.
  • Low Maintenance. Commercial granite countertops are easy to clean—just soap and water. No need for fancy cleaning products.
  • Looks Great. It’s naturally beautiful, with each slab offering unique patterns and colors that can really make your rooms in Charleston stand out.
  • Flexible Design. It looks great anywhere—from commercial bar tops to custom designed spaces, granite fits any space just like that.
  • Eco-Friendly. This is a natural stone. It means it’s a more sustainable choice compared to synthetic materials.


  • Costly. It’s not cheap. Expect to pay up for premium slabs.
  • Heavy. The weight makes installation trickier. You'll need proper support structures in place.

So granite brings a mix of durability, style, and sustainability to the table. It’s perfect for busy places that need a tough, yet classy surface. If you’re okay with the upfront cost, granite is definitely worth considering for its long-term benefits.

Marble Commercial Countertops

Considering marble for your commercial countertops? Here's the straightforward scoop:


  • Eye-catching Elegance. There’s no beating marble for sheer style. It's got that timeless look that can seriously elevate your space.
  • Naturally Cool. Marble stays cool, making it perfect for settings like bakeries or anywhere you need a cool surface.
  • Flexible Style. This material fits into any decor. Be it a modern vibe or something more classic.
  • Eco-Friendly. It’s natural and biodegradable. This makes it a greener choice than synthetic materials.


  • Stains Easily. It’s porous. That's why it absorbs those spills easily. Think twice if you’re dealing with a lot of acids or colorful liquids.
  • High Maintenance. You’ll need to seal it regularly to keep it looking good.
  • Soft and Scratches. It's more delicate than some alternatives, so it can scratch and chip.
  • Price Tag. High-quality marble is rather expensive. Be ready to invest in its upkeep too.

Marble's definitely got the wow factor. However, it demands careful handling. If you're up for the upkeep, it can make your business location stand out beautifully.

Quartzite Commercial Countertops

Thinking about quartzite for your commercial countertops? Here's the lowdown:


  • Rock Solid. Quartzite is incredibly durable, perfect for bustling places. It’s tough against scratches and knocks.
  • Low Upkeep. Easy to clean with just soap and water—no fuss necessary.
  • Looks Sharp. Each slab of quartzite is unique, showcasing natural veins that really pop.
  • Adapts Well. Whether your space is modern or traditional, quartzite fits right in.
  • Eco-wise. Being a natural stone, it’s a greener choice than many man-made options and is fully recyclable.


  • Costly. Top-notch quartzite comes with a higher price tag.
  • Heavyweight. Its solid nature means it’s heavy, so make sure your cabinets can handle the load.
  • Color Choices. While gorgeous, its color range is more limited compared to other materials.

Quartzite is tough, stylish, and maintains its look under pressure. This makes it a great pick for busy settings. If your budget allows, it’s a worthwhile choice that brings both aesthetics and endurance to your spaces.

Quartz Commercial Countertops

Looking at quartz for your commercial countertops in Charleston? Here's the straightforward breakdown.


  • Built to Last. Quartz is a champ against wear and tear. It resists scratches and stains, perfect for places that see a lot of action.
  • Simple Cleanup. Just soap and water are all you need to keep it looking sharp—no fancy cleaning products necessary.
  • Variety of Looks. From natural stone patterns to bold modern colors, quartz has options to match any decor.
  • Fits Anywhere. Works great in any setting, be it a sleek, modern office or a cozy cafe.
  • Eco-Friendly. Made from natural quartz and synthetic materials, it uses less natural resources than pure stone options.


  • Pricey. Depending on the style and finish, quartz might stretch your budget.
  • Sensitive to Heat. Keep those hot pans off it unless you have a trivet handy.
  • Heavy. It’s solid stuff, so make sure your cabinets can support it.

Commercial quartz countertops give you a mix of practicality and style. It's ideal for busy environments that need to look good without too much fuss. It’s a solid investment if you’re after durability and an upscale appearance.
Stone Commercial Countertops Colors
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  • Measure Twice, Cut Once. We're particularly careful about measurements. Our team ensures every inch is accounted for. Thus, your new counters will definitely fit it perfectly.
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We Can Make Commercial Countertops All Shapes and Sizes

In Charleston, if you’re thinking commercial countertops near me, think no limits. That’s right, we shape quartz, marble, quartzite or granite to fit just about any design you can dream up. Here’s how we tailor our approach to ensure every countertop we install is a perfect match for the space it's designed for:

Shape It How You Like. Circle for a reception desk in Charleston? Check. Long, sleek counters for your bar area? Absolutely. An L-shaped counter for your boutique’s checkout? Consider it done. If you can dream up a shape, we’re set to carve it.

Size That Fits. From compact commercial kitchen worktops to gorgeous commercial restroom countertops in bars, size is never a constraint. We customize each piece to fit perfectly into your specified dimensions—no compromises.

Style That Speaks. Whether your aesthetic is sharply modern or leans towards timeless elegance, we have material options to suit. Choose from stark whites, deep blacks, or vibrant hues in between; smooth finishes or richly veined textures.

Custom Edges. Round off those edges for a smoother touch or opt for angular cuts for a more contemporary look. Our craftsmanship includes precisely beveled edges for that added touch of refinement to your commercial counters for restaurants.
Got a vision for your space? Let’s turn it into reality. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can make your commercial bathroom countertops project in Charleston a standout success with custom solutions that fit any shape, size, or style you need.
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Speedy Installation. We pride ourselves on efficiency. From the moment we take your project on in Charleston, we’re clocking a 14-day turnaround to measure, make, and mount your new countertops. We aim to disrupt your business as little as possible.

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