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What Are Marble Countertops?

Marble countertops, as the name suggests, are the flat platformed surface that goes above another platform to form a 'table-like' furniture that sits in your house. Countertop is a vague term, it can literally be used as a table for desktop use, for dining purposes.

In the case of marble countertops, this type of furniture is definitely leaning more towards luxury and heavy duty. It means it's used in more specific applications—to be more specific, in the kitchen area.

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock that's famous for its amazing color quality and dramatic contrast that give it this edge in the material space. They mostly come in white and black inlines, but the reverse of this stone is also available in the market.

The aesthetic is what people love about these countertops which is why it is still popular in the kitchen space today.

Marble countertops offer you a huge choice. Types, prices, qualities, colors - you name it. That's why it's worth doing your own research to discover what suits you.

Why so many variations? It's all about the source, patterns, impurities, veining, and colors. From stark white to deep black, soft pink to rich green. Feel free to choose the color you like. Carrara marble tops the popularity chart, not just for its beauty but also for its wallet-friendly price. Yet, don't overlook others like Statuary, Calacatta, and Crema Marfil. They too find their way into kitchens, each bringing its unique charm.
Don't know what material to choose?

Consultations of experienced managers will help you to make a choice.

Pros of Marble Countertops

Why are marbles this precious and what benefits do they give you if you go for countertops with these materials in mind?

  • Beautiful and has a unique look. Simply put. This stone is beautiful-looking. Even at the most basic type, the white and block vein colorway, it still strikes as luxury in modern homes today. They look incredible paired with modern aesthetics and lighting. Also, the white and black color scheme isn't the only option you have. There are green, blue, and even gold colorways.
  • Great for cooking. Since this is rock-hard stone (no pun intended), a marble countertop for kitchen is excellent for cooking unlike wood or plastic. If you have a lot of kitchenware like ovens and stoves, these are excellent conductors to heat which is a safety measure that pays for itself. As we all know, cooking requires heat, and sometimes, too much heat dissipates into the air. It can cause a warm environment that isn't too ideal. What this stone does best is it cools down the room a bit without consuming your air conditioning units.
  • More valuable than granite. One of marble's biggest competitors is granite, and most people would opt for the latter because it's way cheaper and it looks about the same. Granite happens to be less porous too which means that it only needs less (if not, never at all) maintenance than marble.However, it does have a significant dip in quality since marble just has this robust and luxurious feel to it. Think of it as buying a car. Would you opt for the more practical and more affordable route, or the more luxurious one?
  • Marble countertops are sure to fit your home. You can pretty much fit any marble-designed countertop into your home or apartment, and it would look just as amazing as it would be on the next home as well because they are that versatile.
  • Increased home value. Say you own a house. It's best to have marble as your design aesthetic of choice because they make your home look much more aesthetically pleasing—especially if you're going for that luxurious design. This means that should you choose to sell your home, it adds a lot of value to it.
  • Eco-friendly. While it's true that marble does look good, it's sort of a mixed bag when it comes to it being environmentally friendly. However, it doesn't mean it isn't. There have been practices of using recycled materials to produce these countertops and even finding renewable energy sources to save the environment and make the industry much more eco-friendly.

Cons of Marble Countertops

While marble is an awesome material for countertops, there are key disadvantages that you have to take note of.

  • Marble cabinet tops require constant sealing. Marble is one of the most porous materials in the world. This means that the texture can get rough which defeats the purpose of the amazingly smooth marble surface it's actually famous for. This is where people complain about these countertops. They're quite high-maintenance and require constant sealing to make sure that this stone won't open its pores consistently. The worst part is, you can't just do this yourself unless you're a specialist, and it may start around $200 for a professional to seal. It can take 2-3 hours. At least you only need to seal it once every six months to a whole year which saves you a little money.
  • Marble gets weaker with time. Going back to its porous nature, marble simply deteriorates over time. Aside from its porous nature, any acidic material and strong substances like cleaning detergents will make the surface rougher which overtime will cause the marble to not look as pristine as the time you first purchased it. This is what's known as etching which aids in the deterioration of the marble quality.
  • Marble countertops are more expensive than other countertop options. Due to high demand and its elegant design, marbles have become incredibly scarce and are valued so high by the market which may be a downside for most people. While it is arguably the best material out there, alternatives do exist which are cheaper like the famous granite.
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  • Consultation. We start by talking with you about your needs and requirements. What marble countertops do you need? What do you love? We listen.
  • Measurement. Next, we measure. Precision is key. We make sure everything fits perfectly.
  • Planning. Then we plan. Every detail matters. We design custom marble stone kitchen countertops with your space in mind.
  • Fabrication. This is where we craft. Your countertops in Charleston take shape. What about quality? No worries. It's always top-notch. We mean it.
  • Delivery. This is the next step. We deliver your custom-made marble countertops right to your home in Charleston. You don't need to bother your head about it.
  • Installation. Finally, we install your countertops in Charleston. We bring your vision to life, right in your home.
Customization? You bet. You pick what you want, we make it happen. Marble choices, finishes, edges—everything tailored to you. Quality isn't just a promise if you work with us. It's our guarantee!

14 days. That's all it takes. From our first chat to stunning countertops in your home. Ready to transform your space and wow your guests as well as beloved ones? We're here to make it happen. Call us now!
All work, from measuring to installation, is performed by our specialists. This allows us to offer some of the best prices while maintaining the high quality of our work.
We Can Make Granite Countertops in All Shapes and Sizes
Your home is unique, with authentic design and its aesthetics. We totally understand this. To complement your home, we are proud to say that we can craft marble countertops nearby Charleston of any shape and size for you. Yes, easily. We have talented craftsmen in our team. You show us the shape and size you want. We create a marble countertop of your dream for you. It will fit your kitchen amazingly well.

We approach every project we take with passion and extreme attention to detail. We never craft marble countertops just to fit them into your design. We pour our soul and craftsmanship into them. Thus, your new countrop will make your room look even better and be more functional. Elegant curves of your fresh kitchen island will make your guests envy you in the good sense of this word.

The best part? We always dive as deep as possible into every new project that we handle. We take the specs very seriously. From shapes, sizes to colors and sophistication. Everything is well thought out. Multiple this by professional execution. That's exactly why our clients are happy all the time they see their new countertops. We make your vision a reality.
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  • Expert team. Our crew? We have skilled and creative artisans. With over 15 years under their belts, they know marble inside out.
  • Fast turnaround. Imagine. In just 5 to 14 days, your place (kitchen or bathroom) transforms. You'll love this transformation. From consultation to installation, we're swift.
  • Getting started is easy. It's just a click away. Drop us a line, and our expert gets in touch with ASAP. Scheduling? Sure. We are flexible. We work around you.
  • Speedy quotes. Wait times aren't our thing. Expect a detailed estimate within 24 hours. We value your time.
  • From paper to marble. We plan, we craft, we install. All within 14 days of your go-ahead. Efficiency is the synonym of our company.

Choosing our marble countertop Charleston sc service? It's about peace of mind. Experience quality, expertise, speed, and simplicity. We've got it all. Let us create an amazing addition to your home. Your dream countertops are closer than you think.
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