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What Are Fireplace Surrounds?
Fireplace surrounds are decorative and functional architectural elements that frame the opening of a fireplace. They make its appearance more appealing and prevent the spread of flames and heat into the surrounding area. Fireplace surrounds come in various materials like stone, wood, or metal. There are also many design options to complement different interior styles.

Fireplace surrounds frame the flickering flames that warm your home. At the same time they act as a major design element in your living space. Whether it's in the heat of winter or dressed up during the summer, a well-designed fireplace surround makes a bold statement. Our range includes options that cater to every taste, from the opulent curves of the traditional 18th-century Bainton design to the minimalist, modern lines of The Ashton.

In choosing a fireplace surround, the focus on quality and provenance is more relevant than ever. Why settle for a mass-manufactured piece that has traveled across the globe? Opt instead for a surround that supports local craftsmanship. Our surrounds are sourced from natural limestone, quarried and hand-carved locally. This not only assures you of a premium product but also contributes to the local economy and reduces environmental impact.

Ready to elevate your living space with both warmth and style? Give us a call today to discover how a bespoke fireplace surround can transform your environment.
Choosing a Fireplace Surround
Let's talk about fireplace surrounds. What's the best fit for your home? Whether you're updating your space or installing a new feature, it’s necessary to pick the right material. We've got options that cater to all styles and practical needs.

For that timeless charm, you might lean towards marble. It’s got that high-end look that’s hard to beat. Granite is another strong contender, especially for those who need something really tough and versatile. Then there's quartzite, which packs both beauty and brawn, making it perfect for a high-traffic living room. And if you’re all about modern vibes with easy care, quartz could be the way to go.

Think about the look you want, how much heat the surround will need to handle, and how busy your space gets. We'll consult you on each material, from black granite fireplace surround to fireplace marble slab. We’ll explain to you all the pros and cons, so you can choose without guessing. Ready to make your living room stand out? Let’s break down these choices.
Looking for something really amazing in your living room? A marble fireplace is a great way to go. Its classic beauty brings a luxe look that’s hard to beat. This fireplace stone also adds warmth with style to your space.

  • Looks Great. Nothing beats the elegant veins and cool touch of marble.
  • Heat Friendly. Perfect for cozy evenings, marble stands up to heat pretty well.
  • Boosts Home Value. It's an investment that can pay off by raising your home’s market appeal.

  • Needs Attention. Marble is porous. Watch out for stains and scratches.
  • Keep It Sealed. You’ll need to seal it regularly to keep that new look.
  • Pricey Pick. It's more expensive than some other materials, but for many, its look and feel are worth it.

Marble offers a stunning focal point for any room. Yes, it asks for a bit more care and yes, it’s a bit of a splurge. But for that unmatched elegance, many find it’s just the right splurge. With just a bit of extra care, a marble fireplace can be the centerpiece you’ll love year after year.


Granite fireplaces are all about a mix of toughness and style. They're easy to clean. They last and come in a lot of looks that are likely to suit almost any home.


  • Durability is a great thing about this material. Granite handles the heat of the fireplace well, meaning it doesn't crack or get damaged easily. This makes it a reliable choice for your cozy evenings.
  • Maintenance? It’s simple. No need to spend much time to keep it clean. Just a quick wipe down now and then is totally fine to make it look fresh.
  • Style options are plentiful. Granite’s rich textures and color choices make it easy to match with your home’s theme. Are you up for modern or more traditional aesthetics? No worries. Granite is going to fit right in.
  • Granite’s versatility shines. It's good for fireplaces, hearths, and mantels, thanks to its strength.
  • t's a sustainable pick, too. Being a natural material, granite is a good option for the environmentally conscious.


  • Consider the cost, though. Granite is a good investment because of its durability. However, the price is high.
  • The main drawbacks? It's heavy, which means you'll need solid support. Installation might be pricier because of this. High-quality granite also comes at premium costs.

Overall, granite fireplaces are durable and require low maintenance. It's a solid choice for almost any home. However, they do require a higher upfront cost.


Quartzite is gaining traction for fireplace surrounds for many good reasons. Known for its durability and the unique touch it adds, quartzite might just be what your living space needs.

  • Durability. Quartzite stands out with its hardness—it resists scratches better than most materials. This makes it perfect for a bustling home. It handles heat well, so cozying up to a warm fire won't be a problem.
  • Ease of Care. Looking after quartzite is no big deal. Regular sealing keeps its pores tight and stains out.
  • Aesthetics. Each piece of quartzite is unique. It offers authentic patterns and bold colors—anything from earthy tones to striking whites and grays. It's a masterpiece of nature.
  • Versatility. This material fits any decor, from rustic to modern.
  • Sustainability. As a natural stone, it’s a great sustainable choice.


  • Price. The main drawback might be the cost. Yes, Quartzite generally has higher prices like high-end marbles.

Quartzite looks good. It’s tough and sustainable. It requires low-maintenance. A bit pricey, yes, but for something that transforms your living area and lasts ages, it might just be worth it.


Thinking about a fireplace that stands the test of time? Quartz might be your answer. It’s tough, looks sharp, and keeps up with your busy lifestyle.

  • Durability. Quartz is a champ against scratches and dents.
  • Easy Upkeep. Forget about sealing. A simple wipe down keeps it looking fresh.
  • Style Options. Loads of colors and patterns make it easy to match your home’s vibe.
  • Versatile. Fits right into any room, modern or classic.

  • Heat Issues. Be cautious. High heat can be tough on quartz, so think about a screen or guard.
  • Price Tag. It’s not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for — longevity.
  • Looks. It’s not going to fool anyone looking for the charm of natural stone, but its clean look has its own appeal.

Quartz brings a clean, contemporary edge to your space. It's solid and low-maintenance, making it a smart pick for busy spots. Perfect for anyone wanting a modern twist on the traditional fireplace. Ready to upgrade? Quartz might just be the way to go.
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Searching for “stone fireplace installers near me”? Here's how we roll in Charleston, SC, making sure you go from first call to flames in just two weeks.

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  • Build It Right. We use only top-notch materials for crafting your fireplace, be it sleek marble or rugged quartzite.
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Ready for a warmer, stylish space? Let’s light it up. Give us a shout, and we'll handle the rest. Your perfect fireplace is just two weeks away.
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Transform Your Space in Charleston with Our Cast Stone Mantels
Ready to give your room in Charleston a major upgrade? Our cast stone mantels are your ticket to a beautiful space in Charleston. Here’s why they’re a hit:

  • Stylish. They bring a dose of elegance that ties any room together.
  • Durable. Made to last, these mantels handle heat and wear with ease.
  • Versatile. We’ve got a style that fits your decor. From classic to contemporary.
  • Affordable. Upgrade your space in Charleston at a really reasonable price.

Installing a new mantel is sure to make your home’s style better. It'll be the centerpiece of your living area in Charleston.

Why wait? Dive into our selection and find the perfect cast stone mantel that reflects your style and complements your space. Transform your room into a statement of elegance today.
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