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What Material to Use for Shower Curbs?
Deciding on the right material for your shower curb? You've got several great options. Think marble for classic elegance, granite for tough durability, quartzite for a unique look, quartz for low maintenance, or tile for endless design possibilities.

Each choice has its own perks, bringing something special to your bathroom setup. We're going to break down what each material offers in the next sections.

This way, you can choose the best fit for your style and practical needs without missing a beat. Whether you're renovating or just updating a part, picking the right material is key to a standout space. Always go for quality materials and your shower curb will serve you long and happily. They’ll make your shower space look amazing and will add a touch of well-appreciated sophistication to it.
Thinking about marble for your curb in a shower? It's a classic option that's associated with luxury. Marble is really beautiful and it also has a cool, smooth texture that can enhance the appearance of any bathroom.


  • Beauty. Marble is stunning. Each piece is unique with different veins and swirls.
  • Cool to the touch. It’s naturally cool, perfect for steamy bathrooms.
  • Value addition. It's a luxe pick that can bump up your home’s market appeal.

But, marble isn't all about good looks without the challenges.


  • Porous. It soaks up water and stains if you don’t keep it sealed.
  • High maintenance. You'll need to seal it regularly to keep it looking fresh.
  • Scratches and etching. It’s soft. Acidic products can leave a mark, and it can scratch easier than some tougher stones.

In other words, if you opt for marble, be ready for a bit of upkeep. However, if you're totally fine with its maintenance, marble will turn your bathroom into an amazing space. It'll blend both elegance and resale value.


Considering granite for your shower curb? It's a great choice if you're up for something stylish and strong at the same time. Granite brings its A-game to durability. This makes it perfect for the majority of bathrooms. It’s got that cool, natural vibe with plenty of color options to fit any decor.


  • Tough as nails. It stands up to all the wear and tear without any issues.
  • Easy upkeep as 1,2,3. It’s less porous than marble. In other words, it doesn’t require as much care.
  • Makes your home valuable. It’s a premium material. It'll make your property more attractive to buyers.

But it's not all perfect:


  • Heavy duty. It’s heavy, making installation a bit of a challenge.
  • Pricier option. High quality often comes with a higher price tag.
  • Color limits. While there's a variety, the hues tend to be more subdued than what you’d find in materials like marble.

If you're up for the initial cost and setup, granite is a stellar choice that combines durability with less maintenance. It’s ideal for giving your bathroom a lift while being practical for everyday use.


Looking at quartzite for your shower curb? It's a solid choice. Why? It's super tough stuff and known for standing up to just about anything you throw at it. Plus, it looks incredible thanks to its amazing natural glossy finish. It comes in various unique patterns and colors.


  • Toughness. This stone can handle heavy wear without showing signs of distress.
  • Natural Beauty. Each piece is unique, giving your bathroom an exclusive look.
  • Easy Care. Quartzite is low on maintenance. It doesn’t stain easily. It means a great relief for you as it requires less frequent sealing than other materials.

On the other hand, it comes with its downsides:


  • Costlier. High quality means a higher price. Quartzite is a bit of an investment.
  • Color Choices. It's stunning, for sure. However, the color selection isn’t as broad as you’d find with some other materials.

A quick recap. Quartzite is great for keeping your curbs in Charleston looking great for years with minimal fuss. It's a good fit if you'd like something durable and unique in style. Ready to spend a bit more for that long-term value? Quartzite might just be your match.


Considering quartz for your shower curb install? You'll love it if you want a sleek and modern look. Quartz combines serious strength with serious style. This makes it a favorite in contemporary bathroom designs in Charleston.


  • Super Strong. Quartz holds up really well against dings, scratches, and dents.
  • Easy to Keep Clean. No sealing necessary here—just a quick wipe down now and then keeps it looking sharp.
  • Plenty of Choices. Whether you’re into monochrome or something with a bit more flair, quartz comes in loads of colors and patterns.

But keep in mind, quartz isn’t perfect.


  • Heat Sensitivity. Keep those hot hair tools away; quartz isn’t a fan of high heat.
  • Cost. It’s a bit of a splurge. Quartz can stretch your budget more than other materials.
  • Not Sun Friendly. Got a bathroom in Charleston with lots of natural light? Quartz might fade over time if it's constantly sunbathed.

If you're all in after a bathroom that looks both tidy and trendy, quartz is the way to go. It’s a real deal if you want something durable that'll stand up to daily use without asking for much in return.


What about tiling it? Why not? This is a smart move. Tiles give you the power to make your space look exactly the way you want. Want something clean and modern? Or you are all for smth. classic? Sure! There's a tile for every taste.


  • A Lot of Choices. Tiles come in a huge number of colors, designs, and materials. From sleek porcelain to classic ceramic. Choose what makes it best for you in Charleston.
  • Pocket-Friendly. Tiles keep your budget in check.
  • Tough Stuff. Tiles are built to last. They resist moisture and stains, which is exactly what you want in a shower.

But, it's not all smooth sailing.


  • Grout Lines. They can be a headache. Grout needs cleaning to avoid mold and staining, and you might need to reseal it now and then.
  • Installation. Laying tile can get complicated. It’s usually best to call in the pros, which can add to your costs.
  • Slippery When Wet. Tiles can be slick, so picking a textured option for safety is a smart move.

If you’re up for the maintenance and want a customizable, cost-effective option, tiling your shower curb in Charleston could be a brilliant move. Just plan for a bit of extra care with the grout, and you'll have a setup that looks great and lasts long.
Don't know what material to choose?

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Our Services for Your Curb in a Shower Charleston SC
Free measurements
Need a new shower curb installed in Charleston, SC? Here’s how we do it, and fast—just 14 days from start to finish. We handle everything: measuring, planning, making, and fitting. No fuss, no mess.

Here’s our process.

  • Consultation. We kick things off with a chat. Tell us what you want, and we’ll help you pick the right materials, from marble to quartz or tile, whatever suits your style and budget.
  • Measurement. We measure your space to the dot. This means no surprises when we install.
  • Planning. Our shower curb Charleston SC experts plan every detail of the installation process. We plan every detail. This keeps us on track and means no delays for you.
  • Fabrication. We use top-notch materials and craft them to fit your specific needs. Our team is all about quality.
  • Delivery. We deliver on time, every time. No waiting around for materials to show up.
  • Installation. Our pros handle the shower curb install Charleston SC. They’re quick, clean, and will have your new piece in place before you know it.

We do all this within just 14 days from start to finish, guaranteeing not just speed but also the quality and customization you expect. We promise quality and customization. You get exactly what you want, how you want it, without any of the hassle. Ready to upgrade your shower? Let’s make it happen. Reach out today, and let’s get your bathroom looking sharp.
All work, from measuring to installation, is performed by our specialists. This allows us to offer some of the best prices while maintaining the high quality of our work.
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Why You Need Threshold Strips
Why consider adding threshold strips? Trust us, they're not just there to collect dust. These strips are a small but mighty detail in any home that can save you from a few headaches.

Here's what threshold strips do for you:

  • No More Trips. Say goodbye to that annoying little trip hazard where your kitchen tiles meet the living room carpet. Threshold strips make these transitions smooth.
  • Edge Protection. They protect the edges of your floors where they get the most foot traffic. This means less wear and tear on your flooring.
  • Looks Sharp. Threshold strips clean up the look between different flooring. The best part? Choose from a lot of styles and materials to match your home.
  • Blocks Moisture. They're also great for blocking out moisture and dirt, especially near doors. That means easier cleaning and longer-lasting floors.

For sure, if you're updating your floors or setting up a new space, don't skip the threshold strips. They'll keep your floors good and functional.
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