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What Are Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are countertops made of pure, natural rock. The stone comes straight from the earth. There are no additives in these countertops. They start as huge blocks in quarries. Then, they're sliced and shaped just for your kitchen.

Why choose granite? For many homeowners, it's a top choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Yet, it's facing competition from man-made stones, like quartz. However, granite has its unique charm and appeal. This stone is natural, authentic, and can't be mimicked.

These countertops stand up to heat and scratches. They're stain-resistant too, especially with regular sealing. Granite is an igneous rock. Providers get it from volcanic magma that cools and hardens. That's completely different from marble, a metamorphic rock.

Granite contains mainly quartz and feldspar, with bits of mica and more. This stone comes in many colors. You can choose from deep black to snowy white, and even vibrant reds or blues. You'll also see small black grains in it, unlike marble's veining.

Some people say it looks very similar to synthetics materials. Maybe. But real granite has crystals that are uneven and random. They give this stone its authentic look and sophistication. While synthetic stones look the same all over. True granite reveals its natural beauty upon closer look.
Don't know what material to choose?

Consultations of experienced managers will help you to make a choice.

Pros of Granite Countertops

Let's find out why so many people opt for these countertops.

  • Granite countertops are durable. They stand heat and scratches. Other countertops? Not so much. Granite outlives them all.
  • Increased home value. If you want to sell your home (for any reason), granite could be your best friend. Why? That's because it can boost your home's value in Charleston just like that. Sellers often get back 25% of what they spent on granite.
  • Unique appearance. Granite is Earth's gift. It's as natural as it gets, minus the sealant. Want to get a slice of the natural world at your home? That's a great option. There are no granite countertops that are the same. Thus, if you care about unique style, these countertops are a great way to go. The best part? Granite adds charm to your home. It's strong. And it suits any style. Farmhouse or mansion, this material brings luxury and nature together to your space.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning. A wipe, and it shines like new. Maintenance is minimal, making life easier.
  • Resistance to scratches. With granite countertops, you don't have to worry about scratches. This stone stands strong against wear and tear. Keep those knives busy. This material can take it.
  • Great variety of colors to choose from. Granite comes in many colors. Greys, pinks, reds are common. There are blues, greens, whites and blacks too.

In short, this stone stands out for many reasons. It's durable, valuable, and naturally beautiful. It makes your kitchen unique. Easy to clean. Hard to damage. It fits any home style, adding a touch of luxury. Despite trends, granite remains a classic choice that boosts home value with your countertops.

Cons of Granite Countertops

Nothing is perfect. No wonder that granite comes with its own set of cons.

  • Premium prices. Quality granite kitchen surfaces are far from being cheap. If you want these countertops in your home, be ready to pay for them.
  • Maintenance. Yes, this stone needs that. Seal your countertops yearly. Why? To dodge stains and keep bacteria away. It's a must.
  • Installation is not easy. Don't DIY this. You'll need pros to install these countertops. Except for the tiniest jobs. It's not a weekend project.
  • Repair options are quite limited. Damaged granite? That's a headache. Hard to hurt, but if you do, it's tough luck. Repairs of these countertops? Costly. Difficult. Sometimes, impossible. Only experts can try to fix it.

Choosing granite means weighing these cons. Price, upkeep, installation, and the tricky repairs. It's not for everyone, for sure. Remember, it's all about balance. The beauty and durability of this material against its demands. Think it over.
Granite Countertops Colors
Our Services
Free measurements
Consider installing a new granite kitchen countertop at your home? Want to hire real experts in Charleston? We'd be happy to do it for you. The best part? We handle it all. From first chat with you to final installation. We'll take care of everything. And we do it fast. You'll have it done in 14 days or even faster.

  • Start with a talk. Tell us your vision. Give all the details. We listen carefully to your needs.
  • Next, we measure everything in your home. We want to make sure your new countertops fit in your kitchen or bathroom perfectly. Every inch counts.
  • Then, planning. We sketch your dream countertops. Every detail matters. We show it to you. You give us your feedback or approve it.
  • Fabrication follows. Now it's time to create a masterpiece for you. That's what our craftsmen do best.
  • Delivery comes next. We deliver your countertops quickly, carefully, and right to your doorstep in Charleston.
  • Installation of countertops is the final step. Our experts take over. They don't rest until it's perfect.

We guarantee you high quality. We deliver unique good-looking top-notch countertops. Every time.

Customization of countertops is also always there. Your wish is our command. Every countertop is tailored to your requirements. Within 14 days, we make your space shine with a new addition. Consultation, measurement, planning, fabrication, delivery, and installation.

Choose us for guaranteed quality and customization. Your kitchen deserves the best countertops. We deliver them. Call us today!
All work, from measuring to installation, is performed by our specialists. This allows us to offer some of the best prices while maintaining the high quality of our work.
We Can Make Granite Countertops in All Shapes and Sizes
Whatever countertops in Charleston you want, we can craft them for you. Granite slabs transform under our hands. Any form, any size, any style. Your wish is our blueprint.

Big ambitions or small touches, we tailor them to your space. From sprawling islands to compact kitchen counters, precision shapes our work. Whether it's a circle, square, or an L-shape, we embrace the challenge. All designs are 100% custom and spark our creativity.

The size of your kitchen doesn't limit us. We adapt, ensuring a perfect fit. And it's not just about shape. The edge finishing—beveled, rounded, or sharp—adds to your style. We finesse every detail to your liking.

Your preference leads the way in texture too. Choose from polished, honed, or leathered finishes. The granite's color palette is vast, offering everything from the deepest blacks to the purest whites, and vibrant reds to serene blues.

What about patterns? Let's discuss. Whether you favor speckled, veined, or solid, each slab is unique, ready to tell its story in your home in Charleston.

Our process is designed with you in mind. From selecting the slab to the final polish. We're always here to guide but you make the decisions.

No worries about quality. We do countless checks and ensure perfection. Every countertop must pass the test and match our high standards. The installation process is smooth and done for you by our team.

Thus, your countertops can be anything you envision—any shape, any size, any style. Our commitment is to deliver perfection, tailored to your individual taste, and installed with meticulous care.

Opt for us for an unmatched blend of design, versatility, and precise craftsmanship. Together, let's turn granite into your kitchen's masterpiece.
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If you're searching for granite countertops near me in Charleston, we've got great news for you! Drop us a line and our expert will call you back ASAP.

Home owners in Charleston love us for many reasons. Here's how we stand out.

  • A simple and easy way to get new natural stone granite countertops Charleston SC.
  • Fast quotes. You'll get your custom price estimate within 24 hours.
  • Amazing quality. Yes, we buy premium material from top granite countertop dealers. All our work reflects our dedication to quality.
  • Incredible speed and quality of execution. From quote to installation, we work quickly without compromising the quality. We'll finish your project in just 14 days. Yes, you read that right.
  • Peace of mind for you. Our skilled team with proven methods does all the job for you. Sit back and relax. We take your dream, sketch it, and make it a reality. No fuss, no delays.
  • Reasonable cost. All the prices we offer you are reasonable for the level of service and quality that we offer.
  • Guarantees. Yes, we keep our promises. Quality, speed, satisfaction. That's our trio.

Your satisfaction is our main driver. We listen, we plan, we execute. Precision reflects our every step. Feel worried about the mess? We're clean and tidy. Our support is always here to answer all your questions. We're with you, start to finish.

Choose us. Why? Because we're committed. Your countertops are our passion, not another job to be done. In Charleston, we're the go-to contractors for granite, for quality, for service.

Let's start your project and make something amazing together!
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