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What Are Quartzite Countertops?

Thinking of quartzite for your kitchen counters in Charleston? It starts as sandstone. Add heat and pressure, and it turns into a quartzite countertop, which is super tough and shiny. This countertop stone is really durable, making it a top pick for your kitchen. It's not just tough but also beautiful, with a natural look that brings the best bits of granite and marble together.

Unlike the quartz countertop made in factories, quartzite is all natural. It's harder to scratch and doesn't get damaged by kitchen spills as easily as marble. But remember, it's not immune to stains, so wipe spills quickly. For cleaning day-to-day, all you need is soap and water for the countertop. Choosing Charleston quartzite means getting both practicality and beauty in your kitchen, thanks to its natural design and durability.

Imagine picking the perfect stone for your kitchen countertop that's not just about looks but is a real workhorse. Quartzite countertop is just that. Born from sandstone, this rock goes through an incredible transformation with heat and pressure to become quartzite. It's like nature's own high-pressure cooker turning something good into something even better.

This process gives quartzite countertop its unique sparkle, like diamonds scattered across your countertops. But it's not just a pretty face. Charleston quartzite countertop is as tough as they come, handling all the kitchen chaos like a champ.
Don't know what material to choose?

Consultations of experienced managers will help you to make a choice.

Pros of Quartzite Countertops

Home owners love Quartzite in the kitchen and bathroom spaces. They're pretty and tough. Here's the quick scoop.

  • Good look. They have a marble Charleston countertop look but are harder and usually more wallet-friendly. Their natural look and colors make any room stand out.
  • Quartzite is a strong stone. It's good against heat and water and doesn't get scratched or lose color easily, even in the sun.
  • Easy care. You don't need much to keep your countertops clean, just soap and water if it's sealed. No need for harsh chemicals.
  • It can match your home design. You can find Charleston quartzite in whites, grays, and earth tones, so it's easy to match with your home's look.
  • Custom design. Each Charleston quartzite piece is one-of-a-kind, making your countertops unique.
  • Durable. Its durability is a plus for busy kitchens.

So, Charleston quartzite countertops are a practical, stylish option for counters. It looks high-end, is easy to look after, and can handle everyday use well.

Cons of Quartzite Countertops

Picking quartzite for your counter is like choosing a fancy, strong rock. It's got style and doesn't give up easily. However, just like anything fancy, it needs a bit of extra care.

  • Regular maintenance is still needed. First off, it's a bit like a sponge - it can soak up spills if you don't protect it. You've got to seal it right after you put it in and keep on doing that once in a while. Because it's porous, you'll need to apply a sealant to it to keep stains away.
  • Professional installation is required. And putting it in? That's another story. It's heavy and needs a team of pros to do it right, which means paying a bit more.
  • Higher prices. Now, because it's a bit of a diva to get it from the earth and make it look pretty, it costs more than some other stuff you might put on your countertops.
  • Limited selection of colors. Color-wise, it's not the rainbow. It sticks to the basics like whites, grays, and some earthy colors. So, if you're okay with that palette, you're golden.

Going for quartzite is like picking a champion with both beauty and brawn. But keep in mind, it likes a little TLC and might lean on the pricier side. Worth pondering when you're sprucing up your place with beautiful countertops!
Quartzite Cuntertops Colors
Our Services
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Here's the deal when you pick us for your countertops journey, from the first chat to putting the countertops in your space.

  • Chatting and planning. First up, we talk about what you want. You can reach us through phone or visit us via our website for convenient communication. Our team is dedicated to bringing the service to your home in the fashion of ensuring that the service applied will cater perfectly to the space you need to fix or make the countertops on.
  • Measuring up. Getting the size just right is super important. We measure your space carefully. Then we plan out how the countertops will look, making sure the patterns in the stone look good in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Making it. Next, we cut the stone using cool tools to get the shape just right. We make holes in stone for your sink or anything else you need. This part is all about precision and making sure everything is perfect.
  • Bringing it over and fitting it. We do the heavy lifting, literally. We bring the countertop stone to your place and fit it in, making sure it sits perfectly and looks great.
  • Last touches. We seal the countertop to keep out spills and stains, making it last longer and stay looking new. Before we even leave, we look around and double check if every detail is being attended to so no reapplications are needed.

We're here to ensure that your countertops will not only look fantastic alongside your beautiful kitchen, but will stay there for as long as possible. Our tools will help you and the team are experts to a point that you don't even need your countertops to tell us what we need to do to have your perfect kitchen or bathroom readily installed inside your home!
All work, from measuring to installation, is performed by our specialists. This allows us to offer some of the best prices while maintaining the high quality of our work.
We Can Make Quartzite Countertops in All Shapes and Sizes
What's great about our service is that we can transform any material and create some of the most beautifully designed kitchen and bathroom countertops you can possibly imagine. It really doesn't matter whether you're into Quartz, Marble, or what have you in terms of countertops, you'll definitely get what you want and deserve for your home!

Also, the size of the kitchen really doesn't matter because our experts will find a way to make sure that your space is fully utilized. The shape of the kitchen or space is also irrelevant as we have the experience working with circle, triangle, rectangle, and square spaces.

We can adapt our expertise to any type of rooms you have inside, and we will add a unique style to it that will help you have the best-looking kitchen or bathroom possible.

The texture is also something you can lead us to when it comes to designing the quartzite kitchen countertops when we're inside your home. You can choose between the polished, honed, or even leathered textures for the finish of your countertops—regardless of the material used.

So, you might be wondering: Well, what about the patterns for the quartzite countertops near me, then? You're in luck! Because we do any patterns you may want to put on your countertop! We can even discuss a veined stone or solid stone one where each slab of the countertop is unique to the next one!

All in all, we have a great process that we follow and we ensure that you're going to be satisfied with the results we're going to provide when designing your Charleston quartzite countertops nearby!
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If you're still doubting on whether you should choose us or not, then here is why you should have as model your quartzite kitchen countertops charleston sc:

  • We are industry leaders of quartzite kitchen worktops creation which means that regardless of what kitchen you're sporting right now, you'll definitely get what you want with a company like us.
  • We have everything you'll need to get the Charleston countertop of your choice readily made with perfection in mind! Our experts are dedicated craftsmen that can make tremendously designed countertops fabrication of your choosing.
  • We don't cost a lot despite the high-quality products and services we produce. The countertops we make can rival that of a company that will charge you 5 to 10 times more the cost of making the countertop itself.
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