The most popular marble countertops
We selected the most popular marble slabs used for countertops.
Designers describe marble countertops as the most luxuries and elegant. There are so many different variations of marble in white, pink, blue, blue-gray, green, and many other colors. But here is the list of the most popular marble materials:

  • Carrara
As the name says, it comes from Carrara in Italy. Carrara comes in different colors, not only white as most people think, but it can be blueish, blue-gray, or just a mix of white and gray together. This material is used for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

  • Calacatta
Another popular marble which is almost white with gray veins. It is one of the high-end natural stones. Calacatta marble is exceptional in its kind. It is very modern and makes any interior design look amazing! It is easy to match a tile or other flooring to this material as it has a perfect color combination. Breathtaking material that elevates any room, floor, wall, or countertop.

  • Statuary
It also comes from Carrara region. This name reminders some of the world's greatest statues are carved from marble. The material is white with veins of dark gray cross the surface of the stone in sometimes subtle, but more often dramatic and bold swaths. It has a contrast between light and dark.

  • Nero Marquina
It is a deep black marble with pure white veins, which can almost overcome the black background in some slabs. And it is a vital marble for its high quality, fine grain, and dramatic look. Nero Marquina marble is a gorgeous and excellent stone for elegant black-and-white kitchens and bathrooms.